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    Soundking once again included in top hundred Ningbo brand list Brand value 3.39 billion RMB

    Time: 2019-05-22

    The next day after 'China Brand Day', authoritative brand list 'Ningbo brand top hundred list ' was officially published, Soundking was once gained included in the list with 3.39 billion RMB worth of brand value. Soundking has made significant improvement in brand value and ranking compared to 2018, brand value up to 3.39 billion RMB from 2.53 billion RMB, an affirmation and support of Soundking's 31 years’ performance.


    'Ningbo brand top hundred list ' is Ningbo’s first authoritative brand list in line with international standards, for Ningbo brand it’s comparable to Academy award for the film industry. This list is organized by Ningbo Business Development Society and hosted by authoritative Chinese agencies such as China Brand Research Center, which has been published for 7 years in succession since 2012.

     Soundking once again included in top hundred Ningbo brand list  Brand value 3.39 billion RMB

    For many years,Soundking has been actively promoting the building of 'high-end brand', driving independent innovation with brand strategy, supporting brand strategy with independent innovation, giving full play to the leading role of the brand and providing continuous impetus for the development of the company, achieving overall improvement of brand popularity and reputation, striving to become 'international new carrier of the audio and video industry'!


    Soundking insists on building national brand as its duty, it has created and merged with many excellent international brands, continually improving Soundking’s  brand matrix and boosting its brand benefits;


    Soundking has developed many technologically innovative products by employing its strong research and development advantages, improving its brand impact and accelerating corporate transformation and upgrading; 


    By adopting 'extending invitation and reaching out' marketing strategy, Soundking creates systematic solution with its own product positioning that is suitable for the market and wins the market with advanced product concept; 


    Soundking’s inclusion in '2019 Ningbo brand top hundred list ' is the approval and affirmation of Soundking brand.

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