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    Grand opening of Soundking Europe GmbH

    Time: 2019-05-09

    Fresh and sweet air, leisurely meandering river, green woods flying with river bank, fragrance of flowers and grasses flowing with spring breeze...March 29, Germany local time, beside the Poetic Rhine river, SOUNDKING EUROPE GmbH grandly opened. After half a year of careful preparation with millions of investment, the company will develop, deal and sell Soundking core products, this is an important strategic measure for Soundking to expand into the European map.

    At 11 am, Mayor of Cologne, Dr. Christian Moser, president of Soundking,Mr Wang Xianggui, vice president of Soundking, Ms. Chen Zhong, general manager of SOUNDKING EUROPE GmbH, Mr. Markus, Soundking team and CEOs from more than 100 top companies in the global audio and video industry attended the opening ceremony and the new product launching event.

    Grand opening of SOUNDKING EUROPE GmbH

    Soundking president Mr. Wang Xianggui delivered the welcome speech that Cologne as a modern international metropolis has gathered a lot of high-quality resources, it is a treasure land for investment, providing a unique condition for Soundking to expand the European market, and Soundking will increase investment in the future to create a European technology exchange base and provide better service to partners across Europe.

    Grand opening of SOUNDKING EUROPE GmbH

    Soundking president Mr. Wang Xianggui delivering speech

    That day, mayor of Cologne Dr. Christian Moser attended the ceremony and offered his congratulations, saying Cologne boasts excellent environment for trade, many of Europe's top companies are gathered here, the establishment of SOUNDKING EUROPE GmbH will bring new development opportunities to Cologne's economy and Made in China will certainly stand on the world stage.

    Grand opening of SOUNDKING EUROPE GmbH

    Mayor of Cologne Dr.Christian Moser(3rd from the left

    attended the ceremony and offered his gifts

    Grand opening of SOUNDKING EUROPE GmbH

    Unveiling ceremony

    Grand opening of SOUNDKING EUROPE GmbH

    Ribbon-cutting ceremony

    Modern large exhibition hall created by SOUNDKING EUROPE GmbH with millions of investment exhibits core products which can be used in stadiums, cinemas, meeting rooms, theaters and many other venues.

    At the launch of the new product, Soundking released an ultra-compact and powerful multifunctional digital vertical array system; easy-to-operate digital mixer series; pearl in the mixer world——Cadac mixer exclusively chosen by Royal Opera House; speaker arrays suitable for a variety of stadiums, theaters and mobile live performances;versatile speakers for a wide range of large, medium and small sized meeting rooms; digital POE speaker for audio and video transmission; electronic drum series with beautiful appearance and excellent performance; exclusively patented elevation rack with unique design; network recording microphone series that meets the needs of multiple occasions which can switch among four modes; cost-effective digital audio processor with good field control capability, digital professional amplifier and other products, offering all-round display of Soundkings diversified whole industry chain, fully demonstrating the relentless pursuit of Soundking in international intelligent audio and video industry.

    Grand opening of SOUNDKING EUROPE GmbH

    SOUNDKING EUROPE GmbH general manager Mr. Markus making introduction of new products

    In 2019, Soungking accelerated the pace of development, SOUNDKING(Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd and the subsidiary in Australia have begun operation. After the establishment of SOUNDKING EUROPE GmbH, Soundking will set up a number of joint-stock companies, constantly expanding the enterprise map, gathering talents and forming a global marketing strategy.The new carrier of the international audio and video industry has set sail! Welcome more elite of the industry to join Soundking!

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